Apple hires Bobby Hollis to further push environmental responsibility

Apple is on a roll when it comes to environmental friendliness. After previously being criticized by Greenpeace, the company has improved infrastructure with more reliance on green technology, as well as taking a serious stance with recycling and other environmentally friendly initiatives. Now Apple has also recently hired Bobby Hollis, to help speed up the process as the new senior renewable energy manager.

Hollis actually took the post last month, after working at NV Energy as vice president of renewable energy and origination. Cult of Mac came across the information on Hollis’ LinkedIn profile, which states the reasoning behind the new position is to “help Apple lead in the goal of a greener internet.” It’s possibly no coincidence that NV Energy actually partnered with Apple to construct the solar power farm that powers the Reno data center.

Joining Lisa Jackson, Apple’s top environmental adviser, we’re sure Hollis will be heavily involved with the upcoming Apple 2 campus, which will utilize renewable energy sources.

Source: LinkedIn, via: Cult of Mac

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