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Home Connect from BSH will connect all your appliances to your mobile device

At the annual IFA Global Press Conference today, home appliances manufacturer BSH pulled the wraps off its new connected home solution. Home Connect brings connectivity to the appliances in your home to smartphones and tablets, but perhaps more importantly it will be an open standard. This means that Home Connect will be compatible with multiple different brands, and it will be run as a separate company.

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CFMulti DSLR CompactFlash media card adapter review

Need to transfer photos from a CompactFlash-equipped camera to a Mac with an SDXC card slot? No problem with the CFMulti

With the exception of the Mac Pro, every Mac that’s available these days has a built-in SDXC card slot. That makes it convenient to transfer digital photos and video from cameras that use SD card slots. If you prefer a camera that uses CompactFlash you’re not out of luck, fortunately. The solution for that problem is the CFMulti from Synchrotech.

The CFMulti is a CompactFlash-format flash media card reader. It works with SDHC, SD, MMC, MMC+ and even Eye-Fi cards (with some caveats).

My first DSLR is an older Canon model that uses CompactFlash. It shows some wear but it’s still going strong years after I first picked it up. I use it regularly. When I got my Retina MacBook Pro last year, I didn’t have a good way of moving files between the devices except to use a USB cable or an external USB flash media reader.

Either option was slow and cumbersome. Either way, I ended up with a cable or USB box in the bottom of my backpack or cluttering my desk. I bought the CFMulti after I read about it on the Digital Photography Review forums.

With the CFMulti inserted into the Canon EOS 30D’s body, I’m able to take as many pictures as my SDHC cards can hold. When it comes time to transfer the files, I simply pop out the CFMulti from the Canon, pull the SD card, then slide it into the SDXC slot reader on the side of my Mac. I import the photos into my photo cataloging app, eject the card and start over again.

That caveat I mentioned about Eye-Fi cards: It’s limited. Read Synchrotech’s FAQ to learn more about the limitations.

The good

  • Less bulky and cluttering than cable or USB adapter.
  • Works with several different varieties of Flash media card.
  • Keeps you working with the camera you prefer.

The bad

  • Limited Eye-Fi compatibility

$28 – Buy now

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Turkey to censor tweets with ‘malicious’ content

Twitter might not be banned in Turkey anymore, but the country’s government isn’t quite done putting it through the censorship wringer yet. In fact, Turkish Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan just released a written statement that says: “We…

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Amazon’s making a custom Kindle store for Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung seems to be on a roll with bagging media partnerships for its Galaxy line of phones and tablets. First music streaming service Deezer, and now it’s getting a custom-built Kindle book store in a deal with Amazon. Announced this morning, the…

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Google’s Modular Ara Phones Will Go on Sale January 2015

Google's Modular Ara Phones Will Go on Sale January 2015

Google has gone into more detail about its Project Ara modular mobile system, using a specific developers conference for the hardware format to update us on its plans for self-assembling our dream phones out of various components.

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$150 Chromebook, Futurama Box Set, Bluetooth Speaker, Nikons [Deals]

$150 Chromebook, Futurama Box Set, Bluetooth Speaker, Nikons [Deals]

Acer has refilled its refurbished goody bag with $150 Acer C720 Chromebooks, as well as the touchscreen-toting C720P for $220. The C720 line is regarded for its best-in-class battery life, and is the commerce team’s pick for best Chromebook. These sold out quickly last time they were available, so don’t delay.

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